For employees: Have your employment rights been breached?

Cowboy employers?

Don’t get me wrong-most employers are fine.

They are hard working, professional, and law abiding.

They recognise employees’ employment rights and give them what they are entitled to.

They want to do the right thing but just don’t understand what they are supposed to do. These employers are easy to work with.

When you point out what they are doing wrong they will fix it.

Regrettably,  not all employers are like that.

Unfortunately some are cowboys. They can be rough and ready and not too fussy about the niceties of employment law.

In fact, some of them think that employment law is a nuisance.

They blatantly ignore your rights as an employee.

And they will continue to act like cowboys if they are let get away with it.

If you don’t stand up to them.

Employees can be slow to stand up for themselves, though. The vast majority of employees just want to get on with their job without any hassle or disagreement.

Also, many people naturally avoid conflict. And they don’t want to be seen as someone who “causes trouble”.

“Anything for an easy life”.

This is understandable.

But, quite frankly, there are times when you do need to stand up for yourself.

Because if you don’t the situation is likely to just get worse.

The consequences of a serious problem at wok not being tackled can be hard on your well being and health.

Not to mention your career prospects.

And you may end up just leaving your job to avoid the situation.

But this isn’t a solution.

Because the same thing can happen all over again in the new job.

Sometimes you just have to take a stand.

When you do, you can count on me to help you.

However, before doing anything you should get a professional opinion about your situation.

To find out whether you have a valid complaint/claim or not.

You don’t want to go off “half cock” bringing a claim or causing a ruckus if, ultimately, you can’t win.

Remember: you can win a battle and lost the war.

You don’t want this happening-you want a good idea of where you stand, and how to go about taking action.

Small solicitors’ practice

My solicitors’ practice is only a small one.

But this means your problem means a lot to me. You are not just another file like you might be in a big law firm.

And when you deal with my firm you deal with me.

You won’t be passed off to a trainee or apprentice or a legal executive or a solicitor who has no experience in employment law.

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Consultation options

Remember, there  are 4 different options for the consultation:

  • come to my office in Enfield, Co. Meath
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  • by email
  • by Skype.

How Much Is The Fee?

At the moment it is €99 but this will almost certainly be increasing in the first half of 2018.

(Please note that my normal hourly rate is €250 plus vat per hour)

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