Get a One to One Employment Law Session By Phone or Skype

Get a One to One Employment Law Session By Phone or Skype

By Terry Gorry B. Comm Solicitor

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you have a burning employment law issue or problem.


And you are looking for more direct support and information about your particular problem, not just general information.

You might be an employee or employer.

Regardless,  it is probably causing you huge anxiety and worry.

By working with an expert like me who specializes in employment law you can cut through the waffle fast and gain peace of mind by discovering what your options are.

You will learn what steps you can take to resolve the problem in the most effective way possible.

30 Minutes One to One Employment Law Session

A 30 minute intensive session on the phone or by Skype or Google Hangout might be what you need.

We will discuss your particular situation and I will give you straight, professional advice about the best way to solve your problem and the options open to you.

You will also get a written note of our discussion which summarizes what we have discussed and my advice.

Getting expert advice like this can save you months of worry and stress and help you get straight to solving your problem.

Recent discussions covered have included:

  • Problems of a pregnant employee with her employer’s failure to make reasonable accommodation for her
  • A “sham” redundancy situation
  • A loyal, hard working employee being taken for granted and being treated poorly with a complete absence of respect
  • An employee being dismissed because of her personal life
  • An employee with a serious health and safety problem in the workplace
  • An employee whose employer is now proposing to amend his contract of employment without his consent
  • an employee with an appalling attendance record and sick certificates
  • an employee with a drink problem
  • the best way to reduce wages and/or hours without being wide open for claims
  • the best way to get rid of a troublemaking employee
  • how to manage performance issues.

A one to one employment law intensive session of 30 minutes with me costs €80.

Book your session now.

The number of sessions per month is limited because I am pretty busy working with my regular clients. So if you need this service, don’t delay in booking as early availability cannot be guaranteed. Once you book I will be in touch with you to organise the timing at a time suitable to you and to find out what you need to discuss in our session.