Are you an employer worried about successful claims against you?

Or workplace inspections by NERA?

Maybe you’re an employee whose employment rights are being ignored?

Or you have been unfairly dismissed?

Perhaps you have suffered bullying, harassment, discrimination at work.

These are exactly the types of problems I help both employers and employees with.

I’m Terry Gorry. I’m a straight talking solicitor.

I help employers get some peace of mind and reduce the chance of successful claims against you.

And if you are an employee I help ensure that you get your legal entitlements, and ensure you are not taken advantage of.

I’ve got

  • a degree in commerce from UCD
  • a professional solicitor qualification from the Law Society of Ireland
  • 29 years experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur in a wide range of industries-retailing and property development mainly.

I provide cost effective, responsive, legal services to both employers and employees.

I respond promptly to calls and emails and am approachable and easy to contact.

I have a small solicitors practice. Because I’m small most people  think that I am more approachable and less stuffy than bigger firms.

In fact, I like to think I try harder because I am smaller.

Here’s what others say about me.

Judge for yourself-why not sign up for one of my free reports.

Or contact me.

And if you want to find out about my non legal/business life?

I’ve a wife and four great kids (wife is great too!).

When I’m not working

  • I follow all kinds of sport, especially GAA
  • read classic books on my Kindle
  • walk every day and listen to podcasts and news programmes.

Here are some wacky things you don’t know about me:

  • I played minor and U21 football for Kildare
  • I won a Leinster U 21 medal “back in the day”
  • I think I’m the only solicitor in the country with a teleporter licence
  • I’ve written some books-here’s my Amazon author page
  • I gave Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary some advice in the 80s when he had the newsagents in Walkinstown (I’m not sure he listened!)
  • I’m on a mission to make solicitors’ websites/blogs more useful (or at least less boring).

Buy on Amazon here.(Don’t have a Kindle? You don’t need one. You can get the free Kindle reading app to read the book on your PC, ipad, laptop, mobile phone etc.)

Now available in paperback, too.

Terry Gorry The Man to See™

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