What others say about Terry Gorry:

I am very grateful to Terry and his legal team for all work they’ve done on my case. I had very complicated case but Terry led it with high professional integrity, he gave me a lot of assurance and encouragement. I’ve got highly professional legal support. I am delighted with the result and very substantial compensation I’ve received. I wish Terry and his team further success.

Almina B

Terry Gorry is always most helpful and proactive. He has provided invaluable support to me in specialist areas of the employment law legislation on many occasions. I’m hugely grateful to you for what you have done Terry and can’t begin to thank you enough for all your patience, wise council, good humour and support.
As a HR Consultant diversifying into the world of Employee Relations, Terry provides me invaluable guidance and advice.  At all times, he provides me with a prompt and professional service.  I continue to be impressed by his expertise and I would recommend him and his Employment Law services without hesitation.

S. Thornton

I was so pleased with the service I got from Terry Gorry Solicitor -my requirements for “Contract and Staff Policy Procedures” were surprisingly completed in a few days and for an amazing price of €99 +Vat. Another company wanted to charge me €300+Vat. Keep up the good work Terry.

Brendan Joyce

Terry was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. He ensured to get a full account of my story, so that he could help me to the best of his abilities. He showed real interest in my case right from the beginning. He was always there to answer any questions I had, even after working hours.

Alan F.

Hi Terry,

I’d be happy to supply a testimonial as your attention to detail was excellent. The calming way in which you conduct business was second to none.
I fully recommend you and your wonderful business to all of my colleagues and friends.
Thank you kindly for all the time you took to fully understand my case, it couldn’t have gone any better
Paul C

We have used Terry Gorry for all our HR/employment law needs including contracts of employment and staff handbooks and would have no problem recommending him very highly, especially for SMEs like ours because of his prompt attention to our needs.
Rathnam Girdhari

I would highly recommend Terry Gorry for providing Employment contracts.
All his information and advice is provided in layman’s language
and he will tailor the contracts exactly to your needs.
Professional and prompt response to all your questions and queries.
Extremely cost effective and most importantly, does not try to sell you
something you do not need. Overall very professional.

T.F Specialist painting and coating contractors

I use the Legal Advisory services of Terry Gorry and have found this service to be very effective.

Terry always responds quickly to requests; gives his views in a clear and straightforward manner and then sends on the documentation that supports his legal argument.

I have no hesitation in recommending Terry as an effective legal support agent in the area of Employment Law.

Helen Hourican MSc HR


I left things ’till it was too late and just wished I meet Terry earlier: I would not have had a big settlement with an employee!
Now I’m 100% compliant with Employment Rights and fear nothing!

Stephen L

I engaged the services of Mr. Terry Gorry in relation to a conflict regarding my contract of employment.

I found Mr. Gorry to be courteous, knowledgeable and most efficient in handling my case.  He was very reassuring, which relieved my anxieties, and his services were thoroughly professional throughout.  I have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective client.

H Nugent

I have to say Terry, I was really impressed by your efficiency, professionalism and no-nonsense approach – so refreshing!

Thank you again


Terry was a pleasure to deal with for my firm taking on its first employee.  I received the required contract back within days including all the specific requirements requested to be included.  Terry also gave great advice and suggestions.  The price is so competitive.  I would happily recommend Terry to any employer/HR seeking advices and contracts.  I look forward to dealing with Terry again when Jigsaw takes on the next employee.

Lorraine Cooke QFA FLIA APA (Personal General Insurance) TMITI

Jigsaw Financial Solutions Ltd


Dear Terry,

Thank you very much for you assistance with my employment contracts. It was refreshing to deal with someone willing to deal with my questions so promptly and with clear understanding of the pertinent issues. Your fee structure is very fair and I would not hesitate to avail of your expertise again when dealing with any employment issues.


Dr. Colm O’Loghlen

Bridge Place Dental Practice, Tralee

Mr.Gorry, I am sure, you are confident that my experience meeting you and discussing my matter with you was hugely pleasant and productive, as you have provided me with your highly valuable professional advice, using your vast experience and legal expertise.
I came to you seeking an advice in relation to Irish Employment Law and its’ applications to a particular work environment situations. You have provided me with the essential legal information and gave me practical advises in accordance to my current position.
I found your service to be greatly efficient, objective, knowledgeable, earnest and friendly at the same time and extremely helpful to me as it has helped me to come to an important decision as a result. You helped me to see the situation from all the aspects and form my own opinion on this with a clear understanding what is right for me. Also, you were very helpful to draft a letter to my employer for me.
I would like to thank you again for your kind, understanding and professional approach to my case and I would be happy to recommend you as a legal representative / solicitor with a great level of expertise to any future prospective client.
Thank you for your excellent service.
I strongly hope that if I would need a further advice or any legal help I always would find it in your office.
Oksana V

I am so grateful to Terry Gorry. Terry’s service is uniquely efficient, accessible and affordable, he is very generous with his time and his thorough knowledge, his decisiveness is a breathe of fresh air. When I recently found myself in a sea of legal problems that I couldn’t have imagined could occur when I had thought I was doing things right, Terry Gorry’s sound advice was just what I needed when I lacked any sort of clarity myself due to the stess of it all. I would highly recommend him. Through his email service he opens up the world of legal intricacies to share, so we can all do what is right rather than learn what we did wrong when it is too late. Unfortunately I met him when it was too late. If you are new to being an employer seek advice.

Murphy. Medical professional

Dear Terry,

Than you very much for your help. I was successful in getting a more beneficial settlement for myself and my coworkers.
It is clear for us now, last time he was just tried to threaten me in to accepting his conditions. What is a shame. 🙁
But luckily based on your advice we can close this case forever now. (The papers also contains an assurement there no further legal actions will be taken against me or any of my coworkers)
Thank’s a million. I’m sure I will happily recommend you to others in the future.

YouTube comments

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Terry, I’ve said it before to many many people, and it’s time to say it again, but this time I will do so here to ensure as many as possible are aware of how grateful we are: This channel is a testament to your selfless, benevolent regard for people. As well as running a business, you take the time to share what is, let’s all acknowledge it, very valuable advice and guidance which has an obvious monetary value, should we have to get it from other sources. You’ve allowed businesses and individuals make more informed decisions, alerted them to potential pitfalls, given them confidence in engaging across a range of industrial, human resource and personal issues, and you, I don’t think its too dramatic to say it, have no doubt saved and or boosted the careers, jobs and well-being of many many people.

Thank you sincerely. Paul

Paul Finn

Thank you Terry. Always on the ball! Keep safe and take care at this odd time in the world


Thanks for these great videos. What would you reckon is the minimum amount of time needed to do a good due diligence on an auction property. We’ve been given the document package just 2 days before the auction despite registering

Michael Cole

Terrific. If everyone who had a grievance saw this there would be alot calmer heads


Nice One Terry Really Solid Advice On This Topic Greetings 🙏

MonsterKong Marketing

Great video Terry,you will no doubt be baking plenty of bread over the coming weeks to keep busy and fed

Laura Merriman

Thank you Terry, extremely helpful video.

Patrick Fox

Terry, good reasonable advise on employment, for boths parties. Many thanks for being ahead of the possie. Cov-19 is here, we are all vulnerable, especially the elderly, I include myself in that statement. Be safe and careful God bless


Great content thank you!

fn station

Great stuff Terry once again 👍👍

Padraig Mc

Ah Terry I was hoping you’d do a video like this I was going to ask you if you would be!! 😂 Thank you ❤️❤️

Carmel Parlon

Hi Terry, great vid as always! Just wanted to let you know, last year asked you about buying a second hand house in Ireland with cash instead of mortgage and you very kindly made a vid talking about the benefits of that. Well, we bought our house (in north Leitrim) and we moved here last December and are very, very happy in your beautiful country. Thanks for the advice and keep up the good work! 🙂

Sianna MacDonald