How to Carry Out a Disciplinary Procedure in the Irish Workplace-Online Course

Did you know that 80% of unfair dismissal claims are lost by employers for one reason?

The reason has nothing to do with what the employee has done or failed to do.

It has nothing to do with the employee’s performance or conduct.

It makes no difference that that there was “substantial grounds” for the dismissal.

Or whether it was misconduct or serious misconduct or gross misconduct.

No, the reason why employers lost 80% of unfair dismissal cases in 2012 was the absence of fair procedures.

No natural justice. No constitutional justice.

In plain English, this means no basic fair play in the procedure to terminate the employment.

It’s as simple as that.

All the employer had to do was to implement the disciplinary procedure in the workplace, go through the necessary steps, and carry out the dismissal properly.

Why should you care?

The Employment Appeals Tribunal report for 2012 stated that the average financial compensation awarded in the unfair dismissal cases was €18,519.84.

And this trend has continued with employees winning claims for unfair dismissal due to the employer’s failure to follow fair procedures.

Small employers, no HR department?

If you are a small employer it is almost certain you will not have a HR department, and maybe not even HR assistance.

So it is easy to get things wrong either in the investigation or disciplinary stage.

This course will almost certainly help as it is based on the principles set out in statutory instrument 146/2000 which gives guidance on how to conduct disciplinary and grievance proceedings; and sticking with those principles will certainly help you when you find yourself in the Workplace Relations Commission (or Labour Court on appeal).

Manager Exploits Staff for Sex and Wins His Case for Unfair Dismissal

For example the case of the Manager Who Exploited Staff for Sex and still won his case for unfair dismissal.

This Claimant was dismissed for his appalling behaviour yet still won his case for unfair dismissal and was awarded €6,500.

The reason why he was awarded €6,500? According to the Workplace Relations Commission, the employer’s procedures were hopelessly flawed.

And of the 6 leading categories of cases dealt with by the EAT according to their 2012 report 31% were for unfair dismissal.

There is no guarantee that you will not lose a claim for unfair dismissal. It will obviously depend on the particular circumstances of the case and the actions of the employer and employee.

However, one thing is sure. If the employee is not given fair procedures he/she will win.

Just like in the case above where the manager exploited staff and the employer did what he felt was the right, reasonable thing to do to protect staff.

But regrettably, the employer ignored fair procedures and lost.

Costs of Defending Claims

In addition to the potential award for an employee in an unfair dismissal claim-up to 2 years’ salary-you need to factor in the cost of defending a claim against you.

Consider the cost of legal or HR representation at the hearing, preparing for the hearing at the Workplace Relations Commission, and the cost of your time and the time of your witnesses outside of the office/workplace for the day of the hearing and it can become a costly day out.

Online Training Course Shows You How to Carry Out a Disciplinary Procedure Correctly

I have created an online training course to show you how to carry out a disciplinary procedure which provides fair procedures for the employee.

It’s called “How to Carry Out a Disciplinary Procedure in the Irish Workplace”.

Once you enroll you can refer to it any time you want. You can go back again and again.

And you can download the videos,  template letters, slides and book.

The course comprises

  1. 6 videos,
  2. template letters,
  3. the Amazon Kindle book “How to Carry Out a Workplace Disciplinary Procedure”,
  4. and a slide deck of all the slides in the course.


Video 1-Introduction and benefits of a disciplinary procedure

Video 2-Essential principles of a sound disciplinary procedure

Video 3-The formal disciplinary procedure

Video 4-Issuing warnings-essential steps

Video 5-Appeals

Video 6-Probationary employees

Template Letters/Script

  • Invitation to an investigation meeting
  • An investigation meeting script
  • Invitation to a disciplinary meeting
  • Disciplinary meeting script
  • Outcome of disciplinary meeting letter
  • Appeal outcome

Amazon/Kindle Book

how to carry out disciplinary procedure


Imagine having a go to resource that you can refer to any time you have to carry out a disciplinary procedure.

That’s the purpose of this course: to give you the tools and confidence to know that you can fairly discipline an employee when the occasion arises.

For €79 you can ensure you are not taken to the cleaners and have to hand over hard earned cash in compensation for a successful claim by reason of your failure to provide fair procedures in the disciplinary.

Who Am I?

My name is Terry Gorry, I am a solicitor, and the steps and principles and template letters in this course are the same ones I use myself on a weekly basis when advising clients. I have my own solicitor’s practice in Enfield, Co. Meath and I do a lot of employment law.

I have also been an employer and small business owner in Ireland since 1986.

The steps and principles in this course are soundly based on statutory instrument S.I. No. 146/2000 – Industrial Relations Act, 1990 (Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures) (Declaration) Order, 2000 and decisions of various Courts and the Labour Court, WRC, EAT.

Who is this Course For?

It aims to help employers and people working HR carry out a disciplinary procedure correctly, and without leaving you open to employment claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal.

But if you are an employee and you have grave doubts about how you have been treated it will give you clarity about how you should be dealt with in a disciplinary procedure.

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I came to you seeking an advice in relation to Irish Employment Law and its’ applications to a particular work environment situations. You have provided me with the essential legal information and gave me practical advises in accordance to my current position.
I found your service to be greatly efficient, objective, knowledgeable, earnest and friendly at the same time and extremely helpful to me as it has helped me to come to an important decision as a result. You helped me to see the situation from all the aspects and form my own opinion on this with a clear understanding what is right for me. Also, you were very helpful to draft a letter to my employer for me.
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Murphy. Medical professional

Dear Terry,

Than you very much for your help. I was successful in getting a more beneficial settlement for myself and my coworkers.
It is clear for us now, last time he was just tried to threaten me in to accepting his conditions. What is a shame. 🙁
But luckily based on your advice we can close this case forever now. (The papers also contains an assurement there no further legal actions will be taken against me or any of my coworkers)
Thank’s a million. I’m sure I will happily recommend you to others in the future.

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