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Clarity and peace of mind

I aim to give you clarity and peace of mind, to tell you exactly where you stand regarding your employment issue.

And I use plain, understandable language.

I believe I have an obligation to ensure you are clear as to where you stand and what course of action, if any, is open to you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or employer.

My job is to give you the best, clearest, most accurate advice and opinion that I can.

What you do then is a matter for you, it’s your decision.

My job is to ensure you have the tools to make that decision, that you are clear on options open to you, and the potential outcomes.

Why do I do what I do?

To help you make better decisions.


I believe in providing value in advance by providing a massive amount of useful, free information on my websites and on my YouTube channel. You are completely free to avail of this free information.

Then, if you want to take it further you may want to organise a consultation to get advice on your specific problem. If you are an employee and want more information about the consultation, click here.

Employees-are your employment rights being ignored?

unfair dismissal-1
  • Are your rights as an employee being infringed or ignored?
  • Are you just confused about your rights?
  • Are you the victim of an unfair dismissal or a bully?
  • Are you getting your rest breaks, and statutory leave entitlements?
  • Are you wondering whether you have a valid claim?
  • Or where you stand?

I can help.

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Employers-we help you avoid costly employment related claims

  • Save time and money-avoid expensive employment claims against you
  • Avoid claims in the 1st place-ensure you comply with employment law in Ireland
  • Get peace of mind about NERA inspections
  • Employee suffer a personal injury in the workplace? You might need a lawyer
  • Being sued in the Civil Courts for breach of contract?

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