Category: Workplace Relations Commission

  • New Procedures for WRC Hearings in 2022

    The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) published new procedures on 22nd December 2021 setting out how employment and equality complaints and disputes will be dealt with in future. 1) a person can submit a complaint or dispute using the WRC complaint form. Filling out this form correctly and completely is vitally important, especially ensuring that the […]

  • Review of WRC cases, January-December 2020

    The Workplace Relations Commission have published a review of 1,401 cases which reached adjudication stage from January to December 2020. Read the full review here. Some headline points which are worth noting include party representation breakdown of complaints awards made There was 1,401 cases involving 3,059 specific complaints. Most complaints were made under the Organisation […]

  • Have You Heard About the Informality of a WRC or Labour Court Hearing? Do Not Make This Mistake

    Have you submitted an employment claim to the WRC (Workplace Relations Commission) or Labour Court? Do not be fooled, as many have, by the ease with which you can submit a claim using the online complaint form, and the promise of an informal procedure. You will probably have read or heard that it is an […]

  • Supreme Court decision in Zalewski case forces changes to the procedures in WRC cases

    The Supreme Court decision in the ‘Zalewski’ case, delivered on 6th April 2021, has necessitated some changes to the way WRC hearings will be held in future. The Supreme Court held that the WRC were engaged in administering justice in deciding employment cases, albeit exercising limited functions and powers. You can read a full report […]

  • The right to disconnect from work-new code of practice from WRC, 1st April 2021

    The WRC’s new code of practice concerning the right to disconnect form work has been signed into law from 1st April 2021. This code of practice arises from an attempt to regularise the Covid 19 enforced working at home practices that have arisen since March 2020. The lines between work and home and rest have […]