Sick Leave Bill 2022-the essentials

The Sick Leave Bill 2022 has been published and has commenced its way through the legislative process. When this bill is enacted as a statute it will provide a statutory entitlement to paid sick leave in Ireland for the first time.

The skinny

 An employee with 13 weeks’ continuous service will have a statutory right to sick pay if he/she is unable to work due to illness. The rate of pay will be 70% of the employee’s weekly wage, subject to a maximum of a daily rate of €110. This rate can be varied by ministerial order to take into account the inflation rate, and other factors.

The entitlement to sick pay will be introduced on a graduated basis with an entitlement to 3 days paid sick leave at the commencement of the legislation. This will increase to 5 days in 2024, 7 days in 2025 and 10 days in 2026.

The new legislation will also make it obligatory for the employer to have a sick pay policy in the workplace.

Learn more about the proposed new paid sick leave law here.