Coronavirus/COVID-19: Law Consultations By Phone, Email, Video

We all have an important role to play at this worrying time of Coronavirus/COVID-19. We need to follow the best medical advice by keeping face to face contact to a minimum and  practice “social distancing”.

It is obviously in all our interests that we do everything we can to ensure the spread of COVID-19 is slowed down as much as possible. This will allow our health service to help those most in need, for example persons with an underlying condition or older people who are more susceptible to the effects of the virus.

So, we all need to do what we can in our own small way. Each and every one of us can play our small part.

And the best thing we can do now is follow the advice of the HSE public health experts and try to keep social contact and face to face meetings to a minimum. If we all do this we have a great chance to avoid the type of chaos you are seeing in Italy, and now Spain.

So, if you need legal advice or a consultation during this worrying time we can give you a consultation by phone, email, or video, without any difficulty.

Our office remains open and we can meet face to face because there are some necessary face to face meetings-for example for the signing of contracts, statutory declarations, or affidavits. 

But we are trying to avoid them if email, phone, or video will do the same job and not carry any of the risks.

Stay safe, and follow the advice of the HSE to counter COVID-19.

Here is a couple of articles about some employment law aspects of Coronavirus: