Illness benefit for Covid 19 absences from the workplace

Did you know that there is an enhanced illness benefit payment available for Covid 19 related absences?

When does it apply?

When a person has been told to self-isolate by a doctor or the HSE, or when they have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The illness benefit claim must be submitted online with a certificate of incapacity from work from a GP or the HSE and the rate of payment is €350 as opposed to the normal illness benefit rate of €203.

If you are ill and unable to work but it is not Covid 19 related then you are only entitle to the lower rate.

Also, if you are cocooning on health grounds you are not entitled to the enhanced rate but you may qualify for the normal rate of €203 per week. You will need a certificate of incapacity from work from your GP or the HSE.

You can apply online or by post for these payments.